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My friend Ryan put me onto this band earlier in the week and I've been listening to this song loads. I really like how the characters are painted over the duration of the song. The chaotic development of the song with the different people in it. I'd love to see this band live.


Black Country, New Road

Cover art for Sunglasses by Black Country, New Road
eVEry GIrL's craZy 'bOut a sHArp dRESSed mAN

Sharp Dressed Man

Xiu Xiu

Cover art for Sharp Dressed Man by Xiu Xiu
An ancient worm

Chocolate Town


Cover art for Chocolate Town by Ween
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Avatar for profile of cky_stew@cky_stew Β· 03/23/2021

this album shits on pink floyd

Avatar for profile of ChongingPat@ChongingPat Β· 03/23/2021


all the f**kheads know us and they f**kin’ leave us πŸ„

I Fuck Around


Cover art for I Fuck Around by Melvins
β€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž