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None Of My Friends

Liz Lawrence

Cover art for None Of My Friends by Liz Lawrence
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Avatar for profile of Dan@Dan Β· 05/24/2022

I think this was in my top 10 songs of last year on spotify.

Stew showed me my Last.FM histogram thing and Camera Obscura popped out. Loved this song so much a few years ago, still a belta.

French Navy

Camera Obscura

Cover art for French Navy by Camera Obscura
🎺 🀰 πŸ‘Ά The sun started coming out here this week, and I've really been enjoying walking Mr P in the park with music like this on.

Came Out of a Lady


Cover art for Came Out of a Lady by Rubblebucket
Bass is like something from In Rainbows, lush voice, great images in the lyrics. Arlo Parks is a triple threat.


Arlo Parks

Cover art for Eugene by Arlo Parks
Thank you for making me HAPPY

Born Confused

Porridge Radio

Cover art for Born Confused by Porridge Radio
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Avatar for profile of Dan@Dan Β· 04/04/2021

I loooooooooooove Porridge Radio ❀

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